This is a drop-in category of NSDate that makes it easy to convert a normal date to a discordian one. Including in this project is an iOS app that makes use of the category.

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Convert normal boring dates to cool discordian ones. This is implemented as a category so just drop the files into your project and NSDate automatically gets the ability to convert dates to discordian format.

The name derives from the Linux/Unix command line tool named ddate that printed the current discordian date.

There is ana iOS project included in the source so you can see how to use it.

Use swipe left/right to change date and shake to get back to today's date.


You can simply build your own documentation with:

appledoc --project-name="ddate" --project-company="Christopher Loessl" --company-id="org.loessl" --project-version="1.0" ddate



ToDo and ideas

See issues tracker


The iOS app is distributed under GPLv3 License.

The category is distributed under MIT License.

Copyright (C) 2013-2014 Christopher Loessl